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Posted by Aaron Jaffe on 05/07/2015

Dear Martin, I'd like to thank you for our inspirational trip. I wouldn't be able to complete my homework if you hadn't of given all those facts. I had just finished and included nearly every thing you said. These words really encouraged me and I am delighted to say that I really want to go again. It has taken me of electricity wise and put me more into nature. Nature, now is always what I think a bout when I go outside now. From the school trip. Running through meadows gives you a great feeling. Going on bug hunts makes you fill in your list really really quickly. The story about Hell Lane. Even going through Hell Lane. How about that? I'd love to see this happen in secondary schools as well and I wish you luck and great success in the future. I'd love to also see the movie you had put the trailer on the front page. Lovely name, I'm just thinking about Brent Schools Without Walls. Your business is going to go on very successfully, I hope. Keep trying. I wish you and your colleagues

Posted by Miss Kerstein and 4K on 30/06/2015

Dear Martin, Thank you for giving us an amazing and interesting educational experience. It was a really fascinating trip with a lot of walking! We loved running through the meadows, going through hell lane and rolling down the hill. We really enjoyed discovering all the flowers and animals. We wish we could do it all again! You were such a good guide! We hope you will continue to run these trips so that lots of other children can enjoy Fryent Park as much as we did! Kind regards, Miss Kerstein and 4K

Posted by ilwaad on 22/07/2013

thank you marvin for everything especially for all the infomation . The highlight of my day was feeding the horses .Once again thank you. Isaiah and Ilwaad Year4 Brentfield Primary

Posted by Sumaya on 22/07/2013

Fryent Park was to me like the best day of my life. Also the thing that I liked about the day was that it was too hot, but perfect for butterfly catching and pond dipping!When I touched a frog and a horse I was excited.The best part was the shelter building and team work. Yes, we won!thank you Martin for sharing all your knowledge with us. i cant stop sharing with my friends and family. Sumaye Year4 Amber Brentfield Primary School

Posted by Anne-Marie Walker on 05/12/2012

I want to say a huge thank you to Martin Francis who helped the parents and children from Kingsbury Green Primary School experience an enjoyable shelter building activity (Oct) and a torch game activity (Nov) as part of after school events.

Posted by jenny cooper on 21/10/2011

Thanks Martin for a fantastic morning. Our class of lively disabled children from the Village School loved their experience and they were talking about you when we got back to school. We've all decided Pedro should be a stable boy as he was a natural. Our best bit was flying with you at the top of the hill and touching the toad. We'll definitely come back.

Posted by St. Christopher's School, Wembley on 07/10/2011

We had a brilliant time. Miss Macleod It was a great trip and thank you for everything. Mitakshi I had fun making the dens and the story about Hell Lane. Philip Thanks for the pond dipping. Thanks for letting us eat sloe berries. William I liked to eat black berries. Narayan I enjoyed playing in the park. JJ I enjoyed you telling us about the black berries, the sloe berries and what was poisonous. Zak I liked feeding the horses. Nilani It was very nice when you taught us how to feed horses. Anne Marie Thank you for being a lovely guide. Zia Thanks for letting my mom feed the horses. Sajith

Posted by Princess Frederica on 11/07/2011

Dear Martin Thank you again for our lovely trip on Monday. We are writing this email together as a class to you to let you know that we really enjoyed our trip. Some of our comments about the trip: I really enjoyed feeding horses and I have always wanted to feed horses. - Ruby H It was really, really fun when I was doing the mini-beast hunt and picnic. - Shaynae It was really good running through the big fields and having a picnic. - Ewan I wish I could go again. - Stanley I think Snow White is really greedy and I agree that the park is gigantic. - Alice I really enjoyed chasing the butterflies around the field. - Barnaby I loved making the shelters because it was really fun looking for different things. - Mattia I loved the trip.- Amelia I wish I had a horse like Snow White. - Ella I enjoyed when we listened to the birds at the end of the trip. - Kristy I wish I could stay there for longer. - Evelyn I really liked pond dipping and after our picnic, we caught lots o

Posted by Simone Wright on 01/05/2011

I took my Reception class for an afternoon in the Country Park and we had an amazing time. Although we had visited the park before, Martin introduced us to so many new things which we had not seen. All the activities were engaging and well resourced and the children loved them. I would highly recommend taking part in such a fantastic experience.

Posted by Ayub on 25/03/2011

Hi Martin its Ayub from 4B I really liked building the house tree and following the fox trail. IT WAS REALLY FUN your sinserly Ayub

Posted by samuel on 25/03/2011

Hi Martin its Samuel from 4b and I enjoyed the trip to BRENT SCHOOL WITHOUT WALLS. I liked tree house building its was fab!

Posted by priya on 25/03/2011

I liked feeding the horses because they were very nice.

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