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The Park is an ideal place to study the life  processes thread of the Science National Curriculum but it is also a wonderful place to  relax, run around, contemplate and have fun in the open air.

 In addition to science study for which we provide observation equipment, children can also take part in parachute games, sensory earthwalks*, map reading and mini-shelter building for soft toys. We have also organised environmental maths activities for a school’s Maths Week.   Children can even bring their kites to fly from Gotfords Hill.

Some schools have requested a session on local history, environmental maths, or drawing. Telephone to discuss your needs.

* Not recommended if children are going to visit Gordon Brown Outdoor Education Centre.



Year 1—Ourselves (sensory experience)

Year 2– Plants and animals in the local environment

Year 3– Helping plants grow well

Year 4– Habitats (grouping living things, using keys to identify plants and animals, identifying food chains, protecting habitats)

Year 5– Life cycle of plants (fruits and seeds, seed dispersal, seed germination, insect pollination, flower part for reproduction, life cycle of plants)

Year 6– Interdependence and adaptation (plants and light, animals in the local habitat, interdependence of plants and animals, food chains, plants adapting to soil conditions, animals and plants in a different habitat, tracing food chains

Guided nature walks and activities for primary aged children and afterschool clubs and playschemes
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